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Livable Centers Initiative (LCI)

Su-perb – of the highest quality; impressive in size or appearance

Sub-urb – a district, especially a residential one, on the edge of a city or large town

Exurb – a prosperous residential area outside a city, beyond the suburbs

SuPurb originated from the combination of the above definitions. This area has the elements to become a region of quality if planned well. The Town Center area contains the 4th busiest airport in the state, a major employment center and mixed use development as well as easy access to Kennesaw National Battlefield park. KSU provides a multi-cultural influence, and a future transportation hub is planned for the vicinity. The location on the northern outskirts of metro Atlanta identifies itself as an exurb that evolved into a suburb and it now emerging as a SuPurb!

Full Report

Town Center Village Concept (pdf)


BRT Station Concept (pdf)

Restaurant Row Concept – Before & After (pdf)

Noonday Creek Residential Village